Strobot 406 S

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The Strobot 406 S delivery pump is the strongest of the Strobot series. It is suitable for delivery outputs up to 15 l/min. It is very compact, practical and easy to operate. The motor is controlled either by speed of rotation or by pressure and ensures a constant output and thus an even spray pattern.

The delivery pump can be conveniently controlled from your spray gun. If you want to have a break, simply press a button and the Strobot stops. To start again press the button again and the machine continues.

And if your work slows down due to a material blockage, the reverse action will reduce the pressure in the hose.

Standard equipment:


Strobot 406 S delivery pump, tube chassis with guide rollers (1 adjustable), grille, 70-litre or optional 30-litre hopper, toolbox with cleaning set and tool kit.

Strobot 406 S with 30 l hopper, Order no. 111 533.026
Strobot 406 S with 70 l hopper, Order no. 111 533.000

Technical Data


Strobot 406 S
model Strobot 406 S  
type worm pump  
pump type worm pump FH 40/EW 40  
engine 230 – 250 V 50 Hz electric motor  
engine power 2,2kW  
engine rotations 3000UpM  
engine drive single-phase alternating current  
hopper volume 70l  
weight 65kg  
length 1200mm  
width 580mm  
height 770mm  
article number 111533000  

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