Sprayboy P12

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Mixing, pumping and spraying – all with this one small machine. From now on, whenever you find yourself in a small space and need a compact and manoeuvrable plastering machine, the Sprayboywill always be able to help out. This versatile pump may even completely replace larger machines, which are often too cumbersome or too expensive. The Sprayboy is the ideal machine for door frames, setting anchors, fire protection, concrete refurbishment and much more.

Refurbishers with small crews should definitely take a closer look at the Sprayboy. It is small, light, versatile and extremely good value for money. It is hard to believe that three functions can be combined in such a compact machine. It can mix, pump or spray – and changing between functions just requires the flip of a switch. The Sprayboy really does have everything you need to help you complete small jobs quicklyand profitably.

Large machines with masses of power and countless functions are not always the ideal solution. Often a small pump like the Sprayboy is quite sufficient.

Example of filling frames – Here, the mixing quality and manageability are particularly important. The Sprayboy masters these both perfectly. And a special frame filling hose (part no. 408 373) is used to fill the cavities between the wall and frame.

Example of injecting and setting anchors – Anchor elements are used to stabilise walls, ceilings, tunnels, etc. Here, you can use the Sprayboy to perfectly fill the drill holes and fix the anchors. This can be done with or without using pressure.

Example of fire protection mortar – When cable fire breaks or pipe shafts are being sealed, speed is of the essence, as fire protection mortar sets within a very short space of time.

The Sprayboy mixes the fire protection mortar to the optimum quality. Then you pump it through a flexible hose into the openings and fill the cavities. We also recommend the frame filling hose or frame filling device for this application (part no. 405 839).

These are, of course, only three of the many different ways of using the Sprayboy. It‘s best to remember the following simple formula:
small job + pumpable mortar = Sprayboy.

The Sprayboy is also available in a 230 V version (part no. 111 469.020). This allows you to connect it to the usual construction site power supply and become even more flexible on the site.

Technical Data


Pump type D5 short
Delivery output 6 and 12 l/ min
Delivery pressure 25 bar
Delivery reach* 30 m
Delivery height* 15 m
Motor 400 V/ 50 Hz, 16 A
Content of container 50 l
Grain size 4 mm
Weight 125 kg
Filling height 939 mm
L x W x H 714 x 696 x 1.437 mm

 Part. no. 111 469.060

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