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MOLI – the mobile pipeline concrete pump for high-pressure delivery
Stationary concrete pumps often cannot be used cost-efficiently for short pours. For jobs like these, the MOLI is a simply unbeatable solution. The pump is quickly set up and is ready for operation in next to no time at all. And when the MOLI has finished the job, the site is available for other work.

The advantages of the MOLI:

  • maximum profitability, as it can be used at several construction sites during the day
  • extremely powerful pump power unit
  • transports everything required for delivery
  • simple operation and easy handling
  • on-board compressor and high-pressure flushing water pump allow easy cleaning of the whole delivery system
  • requires space only during placing concrete; afterwards, the construction site is available for other work
  • no time-consuming set-up, no crane required

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