Corporate Profile

Our core businesses are trading, providing services in heavy equipment and representing reputable manufacturers or suppliers as their main stockist in Malaysia and a few other Asian countries. Moreover,we are a licensed manufacturer and assembler, for Vibrating Rollers.

Therefore, M.I.G. is being able to involve actively in a number of international projects and our engagement in quality management system will further enhance our position in these projects.

Our goal is to provide customer satisfaction through excellent quality in assembly of road rollers, supply of construction equipment and parts and after sales services relating to the construction equipment. We have been internationally certified to the prestigious ISO 9001 : 2008 Quality Management System. (Certificate No. CI/3818)

M.I.G is managed by highly skilled and qualified people with many years of experience int the construction industry. Besides this, M.I.G personal touch with our suppliers and customers has eventually enhance our relationship and cooperation for achieving our customer satisfaction.